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Body Treatment

  • Back Facial Treatment (70 min.)——————————$60
    Deep pre-cleaning and exfoliating process, leaves the back of your skin irresistibly smooth and lightens scars. (Treatment includes body scrub, hot stone back massage and mask.)

  • Hand, Foot, & Upper Back Reflexology Massage ——(10 min.) $12 | (30 min.) $30
    This massage uses specific “points” on the feet & hands, that correspond to internal organs & other parts of the body, to release stress and promote good health.

  • Craniosacral Therapy——————————————-(10 min.) $12 | (30 min.) $30
    This head massage is a gentle, profoundly relaxing bodywork that involves tuning the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and the body’s natural rhythms, to balance the nervous system and stimulate self-healing.